July 8, 2009

Something new has arrived!

Some may have already heard through our e-mail campaign that we have Glass Fusing in our Studios now! At both locations you are more than welcome to come in and make your very own glass project. This means that you can score and cut glass into any shape you'd like to create a design, similar to stained glass. Come in or call either location for more information. Prices for the glass range from $10 to $56 and there are different shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from. For anyone who is under 10 years of age, we require adult supervision at all times while working with glass, even though it is a safe craft. It is lots of fun and there are so many interesting things to do with the glass!

This slumped flag plate is and example of what we have recently made at our last Summer Workshop. Glass Fusing is super easy and lots of fun to do, some come on in and see what it's all about!

Summer News...
There's still some room left in some of our upcoming Summer Workshops, so be sure to put these dates on your calendar:

July 22nd at our Poplar Location
July 23rd at our Wolfchase Location
Rock Stars and Pop Princess'
For ages 8 and up, from 10am to 12:30pm
Come play Rock Band and paint your very own name plaque and miniature guitar holder. We will provide snacks and everyone will get to tye dye a shirt of their own! Wear something that you wouldn't mind getting stained while tye dying. Only $40 plus tax.

July 29th from 10-12:30
Princess Tea Party
For Girls ages 4 and up, at both locations.
Come dressed up in your best Princess Outfit and paint your very own miniature Tea Set that includes a pot, creamer, sugar cup and two saucers and tea cups. Don't worry mom's the paint is washable and comes out of clothes very easily. After we are all finished painting, we will all have our own tea party with snacks and drinks. Only $50 plus tax for this fun and cute activity.

August 5th at our Poplar Location
August 6th at our Wolfchase Location
Lilly Ollo Silver Clay
For ages 10 and older, from 10-12:30pm
If you've done our Silver Clay before, you know that it is really easy to do and there are so many options of what you can choose from! With the silver, you can create a pendant for a necklace, charms for a bracelet or earrings and even a key chain! We have stamps for girls and boys to choose from. After our silver is all stamped out, everyone will get to tye dye a t-shirt, so be sure to wear some old clothes that you do not mind getting stained. Only $40 plus tax.

In other news....
We have Tween Night coming up on July 17th at both of our locations, so be sure to sign up for that so we know that you are coming! If you don't know what Tween Night is, it's for ages 10-14 from 6-9pm on one Friday of every month. We play all sorts of games and activities, paint pottery, eat free pizza and maybe win some prizes! You will be pay $7 + whatever the price of the pottery that the Tween would like to paint. We've had lots of fun in the past and hope to continue that tradition!

Diva Night is also this month! This means, any of you ladies 21 and older who need a girls night out, come to Paint a Piece and bring a beverage of your choice! Have a relaxing time painting pottery and a fun time spinning our Diva Wheel and chatting the night away with some friends! Call ahead to let us know if you and your friends will arrive so that we can make sure to have some free pizza as you paint. It's $7 + the price of the pottery you decide to paint. We will have prizes that you can win and will have lots of fun!

One more note...
For those of you who are interested in the Lilly Ollo Silver Clay, we have the Silver at both of our locations on these days:
Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at our Wolfchase location.
Thursdays and Fridays at our Poplar Location.

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How much?

Your total at Paint a Piece will be the price of each piece you paint plus a studio fee for each person that paints and tax.

Pottery pieces
range from $3 - $75

Studio Fee's
: $7 for adults and $5 for kids ages 12 and under. This studio fee is for the paints, the glazing and firing of your piece.

A helper fee
($3 each person) is when more than one person paints on one piece of pottery. This does not apply when getting help with footprints or handprints.