November 10, 2008


We have some upcoming excitement coming to Paint a Piece soon! If you haven't heard, Santa is coming to Paint a Piece and we have the details!

But first, don't forget that Story Time is this week!
Tuesday, November 11 at our Wolfchase Location
Wednesday, November 12 at our Poplar Location
Starting at 10am, we will read Froggy goes to bed at Wolfchase and Fidgety Fish at Poplar painting our own frog and fish!

We've been contacted by Santa's Elves! If you've gotten our coupon in The Clipper you've heard some exciting news! Santa will be at BOTH Paint a Piece locations on Sunday, Dec. 7th to check and make sure who's being naughty and who's being nice. You'll have the opportunity to visit with Santa and paint a "Santa & Me" plate. Santa has already put his handprint on the plates and all you have to do is add yours! The artists at Paint a Piece will personalize the plates for you. This will be a great place to leave Santa's cookies on Christmas Eve. You MUST sign up and pay in advance. No walk-ins will be taken for this event. Only 30 kids will be let in at each location because Santa has a strict time schedule. The elves in the North Pole are expecting him back before Christmas! Be sure to bring your cameras for the magical fun! The cost: $30 per child. We are not combining handprints on the Santa & Me plates. This means if you have more than one child, it's one plate per child, $30 per child.
Wolfchase location: Sunday, Dec. 7th from 1-2pm
Poplar location: Sunday, Dec. 7th from 4-5pm

How do I...
Have you always wondered how we artists at Paint a Piece get some of our pieces to look so good? Well here's your chance to learn!! Today we have a small walk-through on how you can learn to sponge you piece. If you cannot see the picture clearly, feel free to click on it to view it in a larger size.

1. The materials you will need are your colors you wish to use on your piece, tape, some leaves, cut outs, or stencils can work too! You will need a sponge as well. We have some fancy sponges you are more than welcome to use or you may use the ones at your table. Either one looks good! For my piece I'm going to use leaves as my cut-outs and tape them onto my piece where I'd like them to be. Now, make sure to pick out your lightest color first and have your sponge at hand. We're going to start the fun!

3. Take your sponge and dip it into the paint. You don't want too much paint on your sponge or you'll have a big blob. Then, dab the paint onto your piece where you'd like it to be.

Be sure to not let your cut-outs lift up if you are using some. You will most certainly want them to lay flat. The same goes with stencils. You just lay the stencil flat and take your sponge to dab paint on the picture you'd like to make.

4. Now that we are done, we have a firm coat of our lightest color on the piece. Go ahead and get the next lightest color and repeat the process. Be sure to wash your sponge before dipping it into another color. Do not mix your paints! When you are finished, it should look something like this:

5. Wish to add writing? There are so many easy ways to write, so don't be intimidated! The first thing to do best is write out what you would like to say on your piece. You can do this by lightly writing it out with a pencil or marker once the paint is dry. You definitely do not want to do this wile the paint is still wet. How do you know when it's dry? Looking at the picture above and you can see that the paint is rather dark compared to the pictures below.

After writing out your phrase, we have these easy things called "Funwriters!" These Funwriters allow you to write with paint as if you would a pen. They're really easy to use and can be a lot of fun. Be sure to practice with the Funwriter before starting on your piece getting comfortable with what you are writing. If you need help, be sure to ask one of our artists on hand. If you do not like the Funwriters, we have small detail brushes that work just as well.

When you are finished, take off the leaves and your piece should look like this! Leave it with us for 3-5 days and when you get your piece back, it will be glazed and looking beautiful! Also, if you have a piece that requires food, don't worry! All of our pieces are food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe!!

If you'd like to know how something is done, let us know and we can make you a walk-through so you can know how we create too!

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How much?

Your total at Paint a Piece will be the price of each piece you paint plus a studio fee for each person that paints and tax.

Pottery pieces
range from $3 - $75

Studio Fee's
: $7 for adults and $5 for kids ages 12 and under. This studio fee is for the paints, the glazing and firing of your piece.

A helper fee
($3 each person) is when more than one person paints on one piece of pottery. This does not apply when getting help with footprints or handprints.