October 30, 2008


Thanks to all those who attended Tween Night and Story Time this Halloween week! It was a lot of fun and your bowls are most likely done and you can pick them up at any time Friday after 2pm. We had a good group at both locations, so be sure to write these next dates on your calendar:

Friday, November 7 at both locations come party and have pizza and play games. Sorry kids, but this is for ages 10 and older. Be sure to bring a drink and your favorite music to listen to while you paint. The total amount for the night will be the $7 studio fee and the price of the pottery piece you pick out. Remember, it could be less if you win some Tween Bucks!! Call and reserve a spot for some fun!

Tuesday, November 11 at the Wolfchase Location
Wednesday, November 12 at the Poplar Location
We will be reading a story about a fish. $10 total amount, please call and reserve!

That's right ladies! On Monday, November 17th at both of the Paint a Piece locations we're inviting all those inner-diva's to come on out for some fun! Don't miss out moms! Let dad handle the kids and come for a girls night out! You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks, even wine! The cost is $7 and the price of your pottery, but there will be prizes for everyone to win. Be sure to call and sign up so we know you're coming for the fun.

Ladies, do you have something that you would really like to get for Christmas, your birthday, or even mother's day? Want to give "Santa" a little hint? Put it on a Wish List! Paint a Piece now has a Wish List for everyone who has that certain piece that they'd like to get. All you have to do is give us your name and the type of piece you want. You can even explain what you'd like done on it! We'll write it down for you on a special little note card in our files, so then if someone is looking for a gift for you, they can know exactly what to get you by just looking up your card. Pretty neat huh? So make sure to give the hint that you want a present from Paint a Piece!

Looking for ideas for Christmas or Thanksgiving? We have lots of them! Get started now on the presents and be ahead of everyone else! We have ornaments and other Christmas pieces to paint in store now! Of course, even just a simple plate with handprints would make mom's day for a Christmas gift. Here are some idea's for the Holiday's that you can copy! Remember to just ask if you have a question about how to do these pieces, we're always happy to help. Especially when it comes to making handprints. We can also write and customize your piece for you if you don't want to do it yourself! Just call to ask about pricing at either location or drop on by. There's no appointment needed unless you are with a group. Then if possible, please call ahead to reserve a table for your group. Click on the picture to enlarge it:

Happy painting!

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How much?

Your total at Paint a Piece will be the price of each piece you paint plus a studio fee for each person that paints and tax.

Pottery pieces
range from $3 - $75

Studio Fee's
: $7 for adults and $5 for kids ages 12 and under. This studio fee is for the paints, the glazing and firing of your piece.

A helper fee
($3 each person) is when more than one person paints on one piece of pottery. This does not apply when getting help with footprints or handprints.