February 6, 2009

Spreading the Love!

If you didn't get a chance to do the Silver Workshop this past weekend, we are going to have another two workshops before the Holiday! On Tuesday, February 10, from 5-7pm at Poplar and Wednesday, February 11, from 5-7 at Wolfchase. If you want to do thumbprints, sign ups are at 5pm. All others, your time is at 6:00. The Silver is $40 per packet plus tax. In one packet you can get 1 large pendant, 2 medium pendants, or 4 small charms. Any questions, don't hesitate to call! These pendants WILL be done the day before Valentine's day! So there's no excuse to not get a present for that special someone!

Story Time is still going on, so if you have a little ones ages 3 and up that enjoy painting, bring them by! Tuesday, February 10, from 10-11am at our Poplar Location and Tuesday, February 17, from 10-11am at our Wolfchase store. We will be reading "Guess How Much I Love You" and painting a small heart box! It's $10 plus tax, so be sure to call and sign up today at either store.

Tween Night is February 27th for anyone ages 10-16! Come enjoy free pizza, games and chances to win some free pottery. Our Tween Night is at both of our locations at 7pm until 9pm. Call and let us know which location you'll be at and we'll be sure to party the night away!

For Valentines Day, we have a special deal! If you would like to come and paint with that special someone, you'll get one free studio fee! Two for one! What's the price of a studio fee? Anyone ages 13 and up it's $7 and 12 and under is $5. A studio fee covers the painting and firing of your piece. The price of your piece varies and is separate from the studio fee.

Presidents Day is just around the corner as well, and we just wanted to let you know that we will be open from 10am until 7pm.

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How much?

Your total at Paint a Piece will be the price of each piece you paint plus a studio fee for each person that paints and tax.

Pottery pieces
range from $3 - $75

Studio Fee's
: $7 for adults and $5 for kids ages 12 and under. This studio fee is for the paints, the glazing and firing of your piece.

A helper fee
($3 each person) is when more than one person paints on one piece of pottery. This does not apply when getting help with footprints or handprints.