January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Thanks to all those who love Paint a Piece and had a great time in 2008! I hope we have all made it through the Holidays alive and well. For this new 2009 year, the staff at Paint a Piece have some new, some old, and exciting things coming up! So take notes and be sure to sign up for the fun and call in for more information. We'd love to see you there!

Sorry girls, but y'all sure do know how to party hard! We'll be having Tween Night only once a month from now on. Dates will be announced on the blog for every month. For January, Tween Night will be held January 16th at it's usual time from 7-9pm at both of our locations. What's a tween, you say? Anyone ages 10 to 15. If you plan on coming, please call the location you will show up at and let us know if you bring friends. This way we can have enough pizza for everyone! That's right, pizza! We also have chances to win prizes and we'll play some fun games throughout the night! Be sure to bring a drink and even some of your favorite music to listen to! It's a lot of fun, so come on and have a blast! It's a total of a $7 paint fee, the price for your pottery piece, and then tax.

This will be held once a month as well. Announcements will be made on our blog for when each store will have it's own story time, what the story is, and what piece will be painted. For January we will be reading The Dragon Who Couldn't Roar and painting our own little dragon starting January 14th at our Wolfchase Location and then again on January 21st at our Poplar Location. Call ahead and reserve a dragon and a spot on our blanket! This fun activity costs only $10 plus tax.

It's that time of the month again! Ladies, bring your wine glasses and favorite drink because it's time to party! Need a night out away from the kids and men? Spend it with us! We'll have free pizza for everyone, pottery to paint and one free spin on the diva wheel to win a prize! Food and drinks are welcome and friends as well! Be sure to call in and reserve a table for your party and we'll help you get started. It's just a total of a $7 studio fee, the price of your pottery and tax. The party starts at 7 and lasts until 9 on the 19th of January at both locations! Bring some music, bring a friend, and come have fun!

Hope everyone had a great New Years and enjoy the upcoming school semester! We can't wait to see y'all around for the fun! Be sure to stay tuned for more updates closer to February!

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How much?

Your total at Paint a Piece will be the price of each piece you paint plus a studio fee for each person that paints and tax.

Pottery pieces
range from $3 - $75

Studio Fee's
: $7 for adults and $5 for kids ages 12 and under. This studio fee is for the paints, the glazing and firing of your piece.

A helper fee
($3 each person) is when more than one person paints on one piece of pottery. This does not apply when getting help with footprints or handprints.